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A broken computer, ios device, android device or television can lead to a massive amount of frustration.At Elite Barnsley Computers I provide expert computer repair services to ensure your computer is free from viruses as well as diagnosing any connectivity issues you may be having. Repairing any device requested by any customer. Whether it’s a faulty fan or blown fuse, I work on computers and laptops of all brands and fix the problem quickly, all at a fair price. Visit my Barnsley store today or call +447761718167 to find out more.

Simple Answers, Rapid Solutions

I offer comprehensive services to all of my customers, whether you’re a home user or a business. I'm probably a geek, yes, but unlike some I don't bury my customers in jargon. I make sure you understand everything that is going on during the service. From data recovery to repairs for a variety of different problems, I'm here to help!

Adept Problem Solving

I really do enjoy a good challenge and am more than happy to take a look at any problem you can throw at me. Yes, really. Please bring your computer in and I'll do my best to get it back up and running in no time. I'm confident you won’t be disappointed in my accomplished service.


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All services
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What I Do

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